100M+ AUM
as of March 31, 2022


With over 35 years of experience, Markston's Portfolio Manager's are value investors in public equity securities across various markets.


Founded in 1981, the Markston is a tenured investment team with a 38-year history.  

Markston's Portfolio Managers currently manage 3 equity products: U.S. All Cap, U.S. Large Cap Core, and U.S. Large Cap Value.


Absolute Value, High Conviction

The MARKSTON team employs an actively managed, high active share approach, focusing on long-term "buy-and-hold" investments in well-established companies within our “circle of competence”. The strategy employs both quantitative and qualitative screening methodologies coupled with stock selection informed by independent fundamental analysis. The strategy seeks to generate returns by concentrating investments in public businesses with strong cash-flow generation as the discount to our model of a company's "intrinsic value" widens.

  1.  Invest in businesses that have defendable franchises
  2.  The business produces solid fundamental results that 
      will increase shareholder value over time
  3.  Invest with a margin of safety in the valuation of the
  4.  Hold for the long-term, as long as the investment
      thesis remains intact
  5.  Invest alongside capable owner-oriented management teams

US Large Cap Value generally invests in securities with a market capitalization greater than $5 billion.  There are typically 25 - 40 holdings with portfolio turnover of 25 - 40%. New positions generally begin at 1 - 2% of the portfolio; however, the highest conviction ideas can grow beyond 5%.


Value with a Catalyst

We employ a "Value with a Catalyst" research process to support our core investment products. Investments generally comprised of at least three of our seven “alpha generators.”  

  1.  Insider Buying (including options activity)
  2.  Stock repurchase by the company
  3.  Management changes
  4.  Sale or spin-off of a division
  5.  Consolidating industries
  6.  Tax-loss carryforwards
  7.  Triple-Discount Valuation Mechanism™

We have been employing a "Value with a Catalyst" process since our inception in 1981. We believe it is a flexible methodology that allows us to span the market capitalization spectrum in our quest for alpha.

A graphic detailing investment criteria and processes

U.S. LArge cap value

Stock Selection

A graphic of Markston's Investment Process.


Circle of Competence

A graphic depicting the Circle of Competence, and outlining Markston's Investment Process

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