DCM is located at 475 Park Avenue South, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10016.

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Andrew Greenstein, Acting Chief Executive Officer

Steven Collopy, Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Bockstein, SVP, Head of Distribution and Product Development

Jason Circelli, Investment Associate

Wealth Advisory Services:

Steven Roseman, Wealth Management Advisor

Manuel Choy, Wealth Management Advisor

William Gamello, Wealth Management Advisor

Asset Management:

Leila Heckman, Senior Managing Director

John Mullin, Senior Managing Director

Vijay Chopra, Senior Managing Director

Gregory W. Serbe, Senior Managing Director

Allison Hay, Vice President, Analyst and Trader

Lisanti Capital Growth:

Mary Lisanti, President and Portfolio Manager

Timothy Woods, Managing Director, Senior Research Analyst

Kit Yee Martin, Chief Administrative Officer

Justin Keating, Research Analyst and Trader

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