DCM Advisors, LLC Announces Appointment as Interim and Incoming Investment Advisor for the Centaur Total Return Fund (TILDX), Subject to Shareholder Approval, Effective November 16, 2018


NEW YORK, NY­­­­­­­­­­­­­­– November 19, 2018– DCM Advisors, LLC (“DCM”), an SEC registered investment advisor, announced today, that it has been appointed by the Board of Trustees of the Centaur Mutual Funds Trust as the new investment advisor for the Centaur Total Return Fund (TILDX)(the “Fund”), subject to shareholder approval. During the period prior to receipt of shareholder approval, DCM will serve as the interim investment advisor for the Fund, effective November 16, 2018.  Dr. Vijay Chopra and Mr. Gregory Serbe, having a collective 70 years of asset management experience across many market cycles, will be the new portfolio managers for the Fund.  Information regarding the Centaur Total Return Fund may be obtained at its new website: www.dcmmutualfunds.com.

Andrew Greenstein, Acting Chief Executive Officer of DCM, stated “We are excited to be named the new investment advisor to the Fund, subject to shareholder approval. The entry of DCM into the mutual fund space is consistent with our strategic plan. It will enable access to DCM by a wide range of investors and further broaden our investor base within advisor-assisted and institutional channels.”

Dr. Vijay Chopra and Mr. Gregory Serbe commented “We look forward to becoming the portfolio managers for the Fund and intend to continue to manage the Fund in accordance with its stated investment objective. We believe the Fund’s defensive characteristics will likely provide excellent downside capture in volatile markets.”

The asset management consulting firm, rpmAUM, serves as a strategic advisor to DCM.

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