Asset Management Investment Capabilities

DCM and Lisanti currently offer the following investment capabilities:

Investment Universe Style Portfolio Team
Manager (years of experience)
Small and SMID
Cap Equity
These strategies integrate a top-down, theme-based approach with a fundamental bottom-up research process.  The theme represents emerging trends based on market-based signals and is the foundation for sector and stock outlooks. Fundamental research is focused on companies that the portfolio team believes are the beneficiaries of secular, structural and transformative changes.
US Small and SMID Cap Equity (provided through Lisanti Capital Growth, LLC) Active Mary Lisanti, CFA (38+)
Timothy Woods, CFA (32+)
Justin Keating
Kit-Yee Martin
Separate accounts and mutual fund (ASCGX)
Global and International Equity The investment process is built using award-winning research. These strategies optimize investing by combining top-down and bottom-up components while managing risk. A disciplined quantitative, but intuitive, investment process is employed that uses multi-factor (smart beta) approaches to both country allocation and stock selection. All strategies may be managed with or without an ESG overlay.
Global and International
Equity and EAFE Plus
Quantitative Leila Heckman, PhD (30)
Vijay Chopra, PhD (25)
Allison Hay (4)
Separate accounts
and sub-advisory
Large Cap Equity This strategy uses a disciplined investment process to seek to generate net long-term capital gains and dividend income. Under normal conditions, the strategy will invest at least 90% of its total assets in equity securities of domestic issuers listed on a nationally recognized securities exchange or traded on the NASDAQ system.
Large Cap Value and Growth Active Vijay Chopra, PhD (25)
Allison Hay (4)
Mutual Fund (TILDX)
US Fixed Income This strategy is completely customized and risk managed to each investor’s requirements. As a core part of an overall investment portfolio, the portfolio utilizes a more defensive and conservative approach. The team uses its extensive experience and market knowledge to employ a consistent investment management process with consideration to the projected interest rate cycle.
US Municipal Bonds Active Gregory Serbe (45+)
Allison Hay (4)
Separate accounts and sub-advisory
Heckman Global Advisors Research Heckman Global Advisors research publications provide valuable, proprietary information on regions, markets, sectors and companies around the world. Each issue delivers clear and actionable direction regarding investment opportunities that the team finds attractive. In an increasingly complex global investment environment, Heckman Global Advisors complements a firm’s current capabilities while expanding and deepening analytical insights.
Developing and Emerging Markets Leila Heckman, PhD (30)
Vijay Chopra, PhD (25)
Monthly research publication and subscription service