Jun 27, 2019
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DCM Advisors hires Marc Rappaport as CEO

DCM Advisors, LLC (DCM), a leading provider of asset management and wealth advisory services, announced today that Marc Rappaport has joined DCM as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Rappaport has over three decades of experience in senior investment roles and recently spent over twelve years serving as Senior Managing Director at Alpine Woods Capital Investors (Alpine), where he earned a nomination from Institutional Investor’s Fund Action for ‘Fund Marketer of the Year’ after taking the company’s $800 million assets under management (AUM) to $14 billion AUM in less than two years.

Marc Rappaport, CEO of DCM, said: “I am very pleased to join DCM and to continue the great work done by this exceptional team. Long before ‘customer-centric’ was the buzz-phrase of business consultants, I have given great importance to understanding what the client needed and finding the right solutions for them. Developing broad, long-standing relationships with clients is one of my priorities. The global reach and resources of our parent put us in a strong position to excel at exceeding our clients’ expectations.”

Mr. Rappaport’s focus will be on employing innovative strategies that deliver unique, meaningful solutions for all DCM clients. He has been an early adopter of new technology throughout his career, which has consistently led to highly-productive results both as an individual and as team leader.

DCM’s investment team is highly experienced, many of them having worked in the industry for over four decades and witnessing the market’s various cycles first-hand, making it possible for DCM to provide a one-of-a-kind, performance-centric service. DCM is currently the investment advisor to a 5-star rated mutual fund and will be, subject to shareholder approval, the sub-advisor to another 5-star rated mutual fund.

Mr. Rappaport’s investment career began over 30 years ago; he has held numerous senior positions, including as Senior Vice President at Pioneer Investments, and at Prudential Investments and Shearson Lehman Hutton. Having joined the performance-minded DCM team, he will be focusing on building up the firm’s assets. Mr. Rappaport expects to continue the efficient delivery of solutions to investor problems, such as income and estate taxation, and low global bond yields.

Glenn Grossman, CEO and founder of Dinosaur Group Holdings, said:

“The DCM team and I are delighted to welcome Marc as our CEO. He brings a wealth of experience and his cutting-edge approach to technology and investment will move both our investment advisory and wealth services forward. Marc’s and DCM’s vision is to provide long-term success to all of our clients.”

DCM Advisors is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dinosaur Group Holdings, LLC (Dinosaur) and operates on time-tested practices, being led by a highly experienced investment team. DCM offers a diversified and optimally risk-managed portfolio, providing clients with up-to-date research and investment advisory services.

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DCM Advisors, LLC (DCM) is an SEC registered investment advisory firm and a subsidiary of Dinosaur Group Holdings, LLC. DCM provides asset management and wealth advisory services to institutions, registered investment advisors, family offices and high net worth individuals. DCM also is the investment advisor to the Centaur Total Return Fund (TILDX). Additionally, DCM is affiliated with Lisanti Capital Growth, LLC (Lisanti), a certified woman-owned and managed SEC registered investment advisor specializing in US small- and small/mid-cap (SMID) equity growth investing. DCM and Lisanti collectively manage approximately $540 million in assets.

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