Asset Management Strategies

DCM Global and International Equity and EAFE Plus

Optimizing Global Investing

Our Global and International Equity Strategies are led by a tenured investment team that has honed their investment and research skills over three decades. The investment team holds Ph.D.’s in Finance, Economics and Applied Mathematics and is highly knowledgeable with significant expertise and experience investing over multiple market cycles.

Our optimizing global investing strategy is driven by Institutional Investor award winning research. It combines top-down and bottom-up components and manages risk.  The team uses a disciplined, quantitative but intuitive, investment process that employs multi-factor smart beta approaches to both country allocation and  stock selection. These strategies may be managed with or without an ESG overlay. The DCM Global and International Equity team also offers model global and international portfolios to registered investment advisors upon request.

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DCM US Municipal Bond Portfolio

Municipal Bonds Are in Our DNA

Our U.S. Municipal Bond Group is led by Greg Serbe who has over 40 years of experience and intellectual capital in the municipal bond market.

Greg and his team view municipal bonds as the more profound, core part of an individual’s investment portfolio. This philosophy guides the team’s overall defensive and conservative investment process. Portfolios consist of both national and single state tax exempt municipal investment grade bonds and are managed for total return over the rate cycle, while attempting to minimize risk. Each portfolio is completely customized and risk-managed to individual requirements.

A buy-and-hold, diversified investment strategy is also followed, except when the team determines that there is an opportunistic situation in the municipal bond market that will benefit the investor.

Each bond selection undergoes extensive credit considerations, and each portfolio is meticulously customized to meet individual investor’s risk tolerance, cash flow requirements, financial situation, tax circumstances and life goals.

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Centaur Total Return Fund

In March 2019, we became the investment advisor for the Centaur Total Return Fund. The Centaur Total Return Fund seeks maximum total return through a combination of capital appreciation and current income.

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Lisanti US Small Cap and SMID Cap Growth Equity

Selective Small Cap Investing

Lisanti Capital Growth, LLC, an affiliate of DCM Advisors, is a WBENC-certified woman-owned and managed SEC registered investment advisory firm that specializes in selective U.S. small- and-small/mid-cap (SMID)equity growth investing.

Lisanti Capital Growth’s founder, Mary Lisanti, has long-standing expertise in the small cap investment universe. Mary, and her colleague, Tim Woods, lead the investment team together and each has over 30 years of experience researching and investing in small- and -SMID- cap growth companies.

We are a high conviction, high active share investment firm committed to adding value to our clients by selectively investing in small-and-SMID- cap growth companies that are at the forefront of secular, structural and transformative changes. While the heart and soul of our investment process is good, old fashioned stock picking, we combine that with a thematic overlay and a risk management program.

We believe our differentiated investment process—the combination of our “three buckets”—secular growth, structural growth and turnarounds—provides alpha potential while lowering beta.

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