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Fund Reports & Holdings


DCM Advisors Prospectuses

Copley Fund Prospectus 6.28.2023

Copley Fund Prospectus 2.28.2024

DCM Advisors Summary Prospectuses

Copley Fund Summary Prospectus 6.28.2023

DCM Advisors Statement of Additional Information

Copley Fund Statement of Additional Information 6.28.2023

Copley Fund Supplement 11.22.2023

DCM Advisors Annual Reports

Copley Fund Annual Report 10.31.2023

DCM Advisors Semi-Annual Reports

Copley Fund Semi-Annual Report 8.31.2023

Copley Fund Semi-Annual Report 4.30.2024

DCM Advisors Portfolio Holdings

Copley Fund Schedule of Investments 11.30.2023

Copley Fund Schedule of Investments 5.31.2023

Copley Fund Schedule of Investments 1.31.2024

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