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U.S. Equity Income

A Unique Approach to Equity Income comprised of ~15-30 holdings unconstrained by position size or sector

What Set's Us Apart

A Unique Approach to Equity Income

Concentrated Core Bucket

  • Quantitative screening helps generate ideas, but all names that make it into the portfolio will be chosen only after rigid fundamental analysis
  • Valuation uses a conservative Discounted Cash Flow model along with other metrics as appropriate (sum of the parts, relative valuation, asset value, etc.)
  • Portfolio weights are derived by a combination of valuation, risk/reward potential, and business quality
  • Risk is defined as a permanent loss of capital for investments in the portfolio not volatility
  • The largest holdings in the portfolio will typically be held for 3-5 years or longer with sales being driven by a thesis change, price appreciation making valuation no longer attractive, or better opportunities to allocate capital elsewhere.
  • We will also opportunistically trade in the portfolio to take advantage of price dislocations in the market.

Yield Bucket

  • The typical investments here will include financials, REITs, energy pipelines, telecoms, healthcare, utilities, and staples.
  • The goal is to optimize the total portfolio yield while buying at attractive valuations.
  • We will tactically invest in the yield bucket to drive
    further appreciation beyond just the dividend yield
  • Total portfolio yield should be ~100bps+ that of the SPX

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Portfolio Stats

Risk Measures

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