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Quantitative strategies managed by PhDs, each with over 3 decades of experience



A Systematic Approach to Multi-Factor Investing

Different Factors are rewarded in different market environments. Each Stock has different exposures to these investment factors. Diversifying across investment factors leads to more consistent outperformance over the long run.


Time-Tested, Disciplined, and Quantitative

The team holds Ph.D.’s in Finance and Applied Mathematics and has honed their research and investment skills across multiple market cycles. DCM / INNOVA's Strategies are driven by research and analysis from Heckman Global, and may be managed with or without an ESG overlay via Separately Managed Accounts customized to the clients needs

  1. INNOVA works closely with clients to apply a bespoke filter on the initial Global Stock Universe.
  2. Stocks are then scored through a Multi-Factor Alpha Model
  3. The team partners with Heckman Global to screen out stocks with a Multi-Factor Region Allocation Model
  4. The INNOVA team has 15+ years of experience in managing an optional ESG overlay for select clients
  5. The resulting portfolio contains stocks with the the Highest Alpha Potential

Multi-Factor Alpha Model

  • Valuation Cheap stocks have historically outperformed market over long-run
  • Profitability Important for long-term outperformance
  • Quality Cash flows should support earnings
  • Sentiment Agreement amongst Analysts is positive
  • Risk Beta and Volatility
  • Management Policy R&D, Capex and Share issuance/repurchase
  • Momentum Price and Earnings Trends

Multi-Factor Region Allocation Model

  • Sentiment/Momentum Positive price trends tend to persist
  • Risk Key Macro Risks are measured and controlled
  • Monetary Policy Policy Rates tend to boost liquidity
  • Growth Changes in growth expectations act as valuation catalysts
  • Valuation Inexpensive markets tend to outperform

ESG overlay, customized to each client

The INNOVA team has 15+ Years of Experience applying select clients' values to our disciplined Global ESG strategy. We work closely with clients, customizing our Systematic Strategies and and filtering the investment universe to fit the ESG Profile of our clients.

  • Human Rights
  • Environment
  • Business Ethics
  • Life Ethics
  • Military Weapons
  • Tobacco
  • Assault Weapons / Handguns

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